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Musical Instruments

A Wide Selection of Musical Instruments. Trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, bass clarinets, french horns, and flutes. You name it, we can connect you with the musical instrument you need to give you that perfect sound during any musical occasion or performance.

School Band

School Band Instruments, Supplies, and Accessories. Being in the school band is very exciting. So much is learned, there are great traveling experiences, and there is nothing more invigorating for a marching band than having a fantastic halftime show or competition performance.

Instrument Rentals

Dicks Music Shop offers instrument rental for when you need that perfect band instrument. Rent the instrument for as long as you need it. If something goes wrong, bring it in and we will take care of it for you. Renting an instrument with Dick's is a convenient and affordable way to have that perfect instrument.


A Wide Range of Music Accessories. At Dick's Music Shop, we carry a wide range of music accessories. Our accessories include: Guitar strings; Guitar picks; Reeds; Musical instrument maintenance supplies; ligatures; Instructional books; Sheet music; Cases; Drumsticks; And much more! If you need it, call or stop by.


Your Source for All Your Guitar Needs. One of the most popular instruments in the world is the guitar. It is something that is truly special and versatile. Every guitar that we carry has something to offer, which allows musicians to make their guitar their own. We carry some of the biggest brands.


Hands-On Personalized Instruction. When you want to learn how to play, we have the experienced instructors to teach you how. We offer lessons on: Drums; Violin; Trumpet; Trombone; Guitar; Bass Guitar; Mandolin; Banjo. We help you build a foundation or enhance your skills. The instruction that we offer is customized to your level.

Superior Products

Products to Meet Your Musical Needs. We carry a wide range of products to meet all of your musical needs. These products include: Sheet music · Drums & Accessories · Drum Sets · Instructional Materials · Reeds · Violins · Guitars (guitar lessons available); School band instruments (rentals available), and much more.


Quality Pianos to Enjoy for a Lifetime. The piano is a beautiful instrument. Not only is it enjoyable to play, but we have a wide range of pianos that will fit your playing style and look great in your home, school, or concert hall. We are very proud of our piano selection, as we have access to many versions of this great instrument.

Drums and Percussion

Drums That Get It Done. Of all the instruments in the band, percussion plays an important and unique role. When you play the drums, you set the pace and create the rhythm of the song. It's up to you to really get the listeners to feel the music. That is why we provide you with the drum and percussion essentials you need for that perfect sound.


The violin has been a fixture of orchestras and other performance environments throughout music history. The violin as we know it made its debut in the 16th century in Italy and has been going strong ever since. It is an impressive instrument that can be played in string quartets, orchestras, school bands, or solos.

Sheet Music

Dick's Music Shop has a very large selection of sheet music. When looking for new music to play on the piano, guitar, violin, or another instrument, we have an amazing selection of genres and styles. If you are looking for a specific song, we can get it for you. Just let us know what you need ...

Serving the Tri-State for Decades!

A Storied History

Dick’s Music Shop has a very storied history, beginning with Dick Rice. It was Dick’s passion to make the joy of music more accessible to students and enthusiasts throughout the Huntington, Ashland, Ironton metro area. He provided school instruments, guitars, accessories, sheet music, instructional books, and so much more to those who sought them. Dick’s Music Shop became the go-to for all things music.

Finally, it was time for the store to pass hands. Paul and Rowena Mollett purchased the store, later moving it to its current location at 119 South 3rd Street in Ironton.

Dick’s Music Shop continues to serve students and musicians throughout the Tri-State. We carry some of the biggest brands in the industry. We are also one of the few music stores left in the area.

If you need guitars, school band instruments, violins, instructional materials, drums, or any accessories for your instruments, we are your full-service solution. We also carry PA systems and audio equipment so you can stock your practice room or put on a stage performance.

The Downtown Emporium

The Emporium is located in the back of the music shop. We carry things you may not find anywhere else. From purses and unique food items to baby clothes and a wide range of gifts, you’re bound to find something you will absolutely love. Shipping Services.

We are an authorized FedEx shipping station. If you have a package that needs sent, bring it to us and we will take care of it for you. Call or Visit Us Today!

Give us a call or come check us out. Call us at 740-532-1950 or stop by at 119 S. 3rd Street Ironton.

Contact Info

  •   740-532-1950
  •   119 South 3rd Street Ironton, Ohio 45638
  •   mollett.rowena@yahoo.com.


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